Thursday, April 13, 2017

Best Practices to Keep Your Home and Business Premises Safe

We all want our homes and businesses to be sanctuaries. Places where we can feel uninhibited and safe at all times. No one should ever have to endure the feeling of uneasiness in their own home. To make sure that your home is as safe and comforting as possible you’ll need to take some precautions. There’s no need to hire a full-time security guard or buy a pack of attack dogs. The odds that your family will be in some way adversely affected or your belongings stolen are slim. However, the best way to ensure that things like these never happen is to take some preventative measures.

Safe Store Your Belongings

Everyone has valuables that they would just about die for. Passports, insurance papers, wills, birth certificates, and other valuable papers shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves out in the open. Secure these items with a fireproof or home safe and keep them in an obscure corner of the house. Jewellery and laptops may also be better suited in a safe than in a desk drawer or closet. Thieves will only ever take what they can carry. Your golf clubs or big-screen TV will most likely be left alone if robbers ever do make it past the moat of alligators.

Sorry, But You Actually Don’t Need a Moat of Alligators

Having a ring of insatiable alligators around your home is a pretty solid deterrent; that is until the thieves realise that a ladder could easily be used to get past the moat. The key with any security device that you use is that the robbers know it’s there. If you don’t have an in-home alarm system at the ready you can still reap the benefits if you pepper your yard with signs that notify potential intruders of your alarm system. Sure it’s a bluff, but why would an unsolicited guest take a chance on entering a home if they believe the house will light up with sirens and notify the police as soon as they enter?

Keep the Lights On

You don’t need to turn your home into a 24/7 orb of light, but you will want to keep a light or two on at all times. Doing so will make any outsider question whether a member of your family is home or not. This doubt will likely be enough to keep them away from your family. Also, remember to keep any outdoor lights on. Thieves and undead vampires may not have much in common, but both would agree that they don’t look too good in light.

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